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Types of Homes

Any home can be a Hope's Home!  The key is that e-Pantry delivers the Hope, Just-In-Time!  It could be a new luxury home, a 3 bedroom track home, a condo, apartment, a dorm room, assisted living or a care cottage, etc as long as the occupants get their needs and interests met and they are positively engaged with family and friends the "Cycle of Appreciation" will play out!  Visit to check with our builders!



Single Family

Condominiums – doubles and quads

Townhouses – connected

Sun Rooms and other additions for expanded family(s)

Business Condominiums

Commercial Office Space with collaborated services & conference space

Commercial Redesign

Brain Trauma or other medical conditions

Rehab and Homeless Short and Long term, i.e. Samaritan Inn

Extended Stay

Travel Villas


Crisis Pregnancy and other such Group Homes

Assisted Living


Motor Home or Cabin Cruiser 

All facilities are or can be redone for handicap and green energy upgrades




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