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Are You a Possibility Thinker or Impossibility Thinker?

Honestly Answer these questions and draw you own conclusions:

1.  Do I look for reasons why something can't be done?

2.  Do I ever make decisions out of fear?

3.  Do I tend to resist new ideas and prefer to do things the way I've always done them?

4.  Do I move ahead only when I have every single fact?

5.  Do I need 100% guarantee of success to move ahead?

6.  Do I over value opposition and under value support?

7.  Do I close my mind before I hear the whole story?

8.  Do I over value disadvantages and under value advantages?

9.  Do I believe human nature really can't be changed?

10.Do I have negative thoughts when I am tired and it's just easier? 

Which position is guiding your thoughts about having your own e-Pantry?

Please Contact Us:  To Register, make ePantry a gift to someone or with any questions / comments you have by: Getting back with the person that brought you; emailing; Calling 626-677-3000(Access Code 343434#) at 8:00 PM EST for details or Twittering "ePantryMan"  



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