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“46 More Reasons to Change”


1.    Save time 

2.    It’s smart to let technology do it for me

3.    Stops compulsive buying 

4.    No wasted money sitting on my shelves

5.    Not paying for the costs of a mall

6.    Save money on products & services

7.    Money and time to donate to worthy causes

8.    No longer have to pay to shop

9.    Eliminate hassle

10.  Convenience

11.  No Risk100% satisfaction guarantee

12.  Suppliers pay for me to return items

13.  Non shipping cost

14.  Manage diet

15.  Replace job income

16.  Manage skin care

17.  Manage health

18.  Manage weight

19.  Quality products and services

20.  Manage Gift giving

21.  Lost job

22.  Lost spouse

23.  Protection from accidents

24.  Protection from possibility of parking lot abuse

25.  Stores have no service anyway

26.  No snow

27.  Specials

28.  Avoid stress

29.  Make Money

30.  Help others

31.  Feed Kids

32.  Fix Special needs

33.  Find time to do things that matter

34.  Create my own retirement

35.  Tax benefits

36.  Building assets / equity

37.  Money for travel

38.  Legacy

39.  College Education for kids

40.  Pay off bills

41.  Manage home care

42.  Manage hygiene

43.  Back to school

44.  Teach kids

45.  Arrange delivery for loved ones

46.  Potential for quality life





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