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e-Pantry Helps to "Fund, Feed & Fix" 


"If, as My representative, you give even a cup of cold water to a child,

 you will surely be rewarded." Matthew 10:42   

A group of Independent Business Owners & Non-Profits have joined forces with The Hope Collection, a global Nonprofit Organization, to create a “Pay It Forward” Program called "Fund, Feed &  Fix" by offering Hope Membership to all participants to give as a gift to others! 

The outstanding value includes Unlimited Free Coupons, a Free personal Portal, e-Pantry access & Coaching to all Members !  The goal is to give Hope to 20 people and help them do the same.  In so doing you'll be recognized in Hope's "Fruitful Lives" Hall of Fame! 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Fund your Home - With the e-Pantry Duplex model, you coordinate "home" purchases on an online automatic delivery schedule where the supplies you need to run an efficient home are sent to your door when you want them. The suppliers you purchase from reward you for brand loyalty and referrals. In this way, you begin to convert your costs into cash.  

Step 2: Feed People Globally – Once 20 people are enrolled using e-Pantry through your efforts to pay it forward, THC will recognize you for helping to feed 20 kids or adults for the entire year!

Step 3: Fix Special Needs – You may choose to select a special funding program like providing equipment for physical disabilities or educational tools for special learning needs. It’s your choice! And it will be donated by THC in your name.

It’s a risk-free double-win! No matter what one’s situation! Whether we lead busy social, family, or business lives, are in a jail or nursing home, just new in town, young or old, we can REACH OUT and join others who are paying it forward!